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Real Name: Navjot Singh

Tagline: Mekus Mekus

Biography: Meet Mr. Nobodydudy, the social media superstar making waves on Facebook and TikTok. Originally from India and now based in the Philippines with his family, he began creating TikTok content during the pandemic, starting with reaction videos, showcasing his mom's culinary skills, and engaging with his followers. His claim to fame? Reacting to Indian Street Foods and his signature phrase, "Mekus Mekus," which is his playful take on "Mix Mix." He's all about creating a tight-knit online family, affectionately referring to his followers as "Insan," the English word for "cousin."

Social Media Platforms:

Content Style: Reaction videos, Cooking, Comedy, Informative.

Trivia: Lived in America for 4 years to finish Master's degree


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