Zeinab Harake

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Zeinab Harake

Real Name: Zeinab Mohamad Ocampo Harake

Birthday: December 11, 1998


Biography: Zeinab Harake is a popular social media personality and content creator hailing from Lebanon. She has gained widespread recognition for her engaging content on various social media platforms, particularly YouTube and Instagram.

Born on September 10, 1997, Zeinab started her online journey by sharing lifestyle vlogs, beauty tips, and relatable content that resonated with her audience. She quickly became known for her humor, charm, and down-to-earth personality, which endeared her to viewers across the Arab world and beyond.

Zeinab's content is known for its variety, ranging from entertaining challenges and pranks to thought-provoking discussions on important topics. Her ability to connect with her followers and address real-life issues has played a significant role in her online success.

Throughout her career, Zeinab has collaborated with fellow YouTubers, creators, and celebrities, expanding her reach and influence. Her impact goes beyond social media, as she actively promotes self-confidence and empowerment among her followers.

Zeinab Harake's journey as a content creator continues to inspire and engage a broad audience, making her a beloved figure in the world of online entertainment.

Social Media Platforms:

Content Style: Daily Life, Talent

Trivia: She has a hidden talent for baton twirling, since she used to be a majorette.

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